Goat Milk Soap

The last few months I have been focusing on my goat milk soap. I started going to a couple craft fairs. I even did a couple home parties. The home parties are a lot of fun. It is easier to talk to people one-on-one about the greatness of goat milk soap. I would love to chat about it if anyone is interested. I hope to have a shop set up soon for on-line orders. But for know it is through e-mail.12644917_463333227192243_7523661061170611028_n

A couple of weeks ago I had a friend ask if I could do party favors. I was trying to think of a good way to keep the cost down for her.  I found that I could do half bars from my large bars. They turned out great for party favors and the cost was very budget friendly. They were a lot of fun to make, and where scent Oatmeal Milk and Honey, which is my favorite. I love the oatmeal in the soap, it exfoliates your skin, the honey and milk add warmth and nutrients to your skin. Plus is smells amazing!

IMG_2182 My Hubby and I did our first craft fair right before Christmas. It was a very busy fair, but it was great for being my first fair. It was very well organized. The fair was an hour and a half away. We had to wake up supper early to get the animals taken care of and the kids piled in our van. My parents took the kids for the day so we could go to the fair. I have never gone to anything dealing with selling. My hubby is a pro, he goes to farmers markets throughout the summer and fall. I get so nervous about talking about my soap, I am afraid I will forget to say something important. I am starting to get more confident in front of people, I think I have been hanging around kids and animals way too much.


12694627_467030643489168_2047640818944846586_o (1)I went to a fundraiser in our town with a couple of my friends. My Friend, Chelsea is an advocate for Dōterra essential oils. She taught me what I know about essential oils. She definitely has changed my life with her friendship and her love of health. We have similar interests, she has a beautiful garden every year, raises chickens and soon to be dairy cow. It is always nice to have someone understand that I am not crazy. If you would like more info about essential oils, click on her name above and contact her.

My dear friend Ashley from Grace Mountain Diaries made all the cute hats, scarves and crochet dolls. We have know each other for over 16 years! Even though she is a city girl we still have similar interest, like crochet and raising a large family. We decided to join our talents together and go to craft fairs in the area. You might be lucky to see the two or three of us at the fairs!12647295_467131846812381_2705773832767103895_n

I hope that by doing craft fairs I will be able to have more people experience my soaps and soon to be lotions. For now if anyone is interested in purchasing soap you can leave a comment. Hopefully I will have a link soon for my shop!IMG_1989

Theses are the cute little bath poufs I crochet. They are made out of 100% cotton yarn. They work great with my goat milk soap. I make soap cozys that hold a bar of my soap and you can hang them in the shower. I also make facial scrubbies that are great for washing your face or taking off your make-up. Goat milk soap is very gentle and can be used on your face. I have issue with acne, so I started using the soap on my face. With the goat milk soap and essential oils that I use, my skin is almost clear!

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