Starting to get our unorganized life organized.

We might not act like it, but our life is very unorganized. I look on Pinterest and see all the wonderful organizing post. I always think I need to get crazy organized! How nice would it be to have every day planned out? Then I think I am NOT an organized person. I have had schedules, but I love to decided to do something else. I need to keep on a schedule. I know I will never have the picture perfect house. I have six kids, where ever they go, messes follow. But I can dream for now and make my dream, organized chaos.11896259_416595098532723_2397053812938402881_n

My goal for this year is to start our homeschool year on September 8th. I have decided that we are going to do the year round school approach. I think it will be easier for us to keep on a schedule that way. Don’t worry we will still have summer fun. We have found that our kids are a creature of habit. If we go off of our routine our kids act out.  We are starting to become early risers. Up till recently I have rolled out of bed around 7:45 and the kids probably not till 8:30 or 9:00. Getting up that late really made it hard to get the chores done and eat breakfast at a decent time. Now we are done with the orchard work,  animals and milking Willow by 8:30am, and I have nap time to blog, crochet, make a batch of soap, and maybe a nap. I feel like I have energy to accomplish a lot. Or it might be because I am on a coffee over load. Whatever it is, it is making my day better. Now that everything that needs to be done in the morning is finished by 8:30, that means school gets to start at 8:45. For us school takes about three to four hours to finish what needs to be done. There are days it takes longer, but usually not to much longer. I am excited to see how I am able to organize our school day and ways to keep track of stuff.

The one room I do have organized, but it needs to be reorganized is our laundry room. I few years ago we turned my husbands office space into the laundry room. It was the best thing we have done in our house. Having a laundry room on the first floor where we live most of the day is very helpful. The room is really big for a laundry room. The kids were living out of their hampers because at the time I was pregnant with our 6th and because of complications with number 5 I was in the doctors office every week getting a shot to keep me from going into preterm labor. The shot made me dizzy, tired and just made me feel icky. I was lucky if I was able to wash laundry let alone put it away. So I started making our laundry room into the kids closet. So far it has worked great. But as the kids are getting bigger, their clothes aren’t fitting in the little cubbies. I am going to come up with another idea on how t10401382_10204139682158591_662844932865817452_no keep it tidy and 10325292_10204139682878609_908638973345273813_n (1)not have the clothes falling out.

The orchard opens for the season on Friday. I feel like a schedule will help us get through this season. The last 11 years I run out of energy by October. That might be because we have added a child here and there or we have a big change in some way. I also think it will help my husband know we are doing okay while he is working so hard. During the season things at home get put on hold till the orchard is closed. I am so thankful for older children that can help out more. They will be going on a cleaning schedule along  with a homeschool schedule.  So hopefully it will be smooth sailing.

While I am taking the fall to organize, I thought I will do a few post on our organizing journey. The next few post I will be writing about how we organized our,



  • daily schedule
  • cleaning schedule
  • chores schedule
  • farm chore schedule
  • meal planning
  • food prep
  • school routine
  • planning blog posts
  • budget

Maybe there will be some sleep in there. My hope is to get the kids on a schedule so they can get up and start their day so I don’t have to tell them what to do every minute. And any chance to have my coffee hot would be great for me.

What are some organizing tips you can give me? I really need one for cleaning the house.

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