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First, sorry for my two week hiatus! We had several things happen: we found a goat in milk and got more chicks! I am up to 50 chickens – which is what I wanted and thought my little egg business could handle. I had never milked a goat before and I didn’t think it would cause my hands to HURT! They were so sore I couldn’t hold my coffee cup; I even dropped it a few times. My hands are now conditioned and I can get back to typing.


I am linking up again with two other blogs Ashley at Grace Mountain Diaries and The Boutelle Family about how we get “me time.” I thought that would be something worth writing about. People ask me all the time when do I get me time or alone time. To be honest I don’t get time, well up till recently. In the past I have, and still do, pour everything into my family the minute I wake up till I go to bed. My kids and husband are my pride and joy. Life is crazy, having 6 kids, and a husband that has a job that is very taxing and tiring for 9 months out of the year, makes it hard to get me time. There is so much to get done during the day, and most of the time it doesn’t all get done. I am so far behind on laundry, and cleaning the house that I have been staying up late to get it done. I am starting to enlist the older kids in helping. It might not get done how I want it, but I have to learn to let it go.

SO back to how I get “me time.”  I know some moms sneak into the bathrooms to get quiet. I did that for awhile too, then the kids found me really fast. Now I take little spurts throughout the day while doing what needs to get done. I wake up at 6:00am most mornings and milk our goat, Willow. I love to hear the birds chirp and the farmers out tilling and planting the fields. There is something peaceful about hearing tractors running. That is also when I get my time with God. I know I should probably be doing a study or reading my Bible. But for me, that isn’t when I feel close to God. I love to read the Word, but I get overwhelmed with it sometimes. There is so much to take in. When I am in quiet and I can listen to what He lays on my heart, I can pray for our family and others that I feel the need to pray for. I love strengthening the bond with Willow, she is a sweet goat and has been so patient with me. When I finish with Willow, I go and take care of the chickens, I love those ladies! I am not crazy about waking up early, but I do get quiet and I can think and thank God for everything that He has given us. If the kids are not awake when I come in, I do get the luxury of sitting and having hot coffee. It is so nice to drink my morning cup warm, most of the time, it is iced coffee.

This will sound crazy, but my laundry room is my favorite room in the entire house. I sweetly kicked my husband out of his office and turned it into a laundry room, where I could have the kids closet. I wash, fold and get the kids clothes put away the same day! It is amazing. When I do laundry I listen to Christian music and sing my heart out. There is something about worshiping God with music makes my heart sing all day. Most of the time I have the three younger kids in the laundry room dancing with me, I love to see them enjoy the music and praise God in their own little way. Kids are amazing with how open they are about praising God. They are not afraid of what others think if they dance or sing loud.10325292_10204139682878609_908638973345273813_n

Then there is after bed time for the kids. After I finish picking up the kitchen and maybe, the rest of the first floor, I sit and crochet. Crocheting is calming and relaxing for me. My hands are busy and I don’t have to think much about what I am doing. My mind can wonder and think about things that I would love to accomplish, and sometimes, what needs to be done and the best way to get it done.


For me “me time” is when I can be happy and enjoy the life God has given me to live. I don’t feel like I need time to sit and not be around anyone. For me that isn’t possible, I have kids around me all day long. Honestly I love having the kids around all the time, but there are times that I go a little bonkers with the constant noise and the kids being hyper. If I need it when my husband gets home from work I will go upstairs and relax and unwind before dinner. I do have hard days where things didn’t go as planned or our homeschool day was a very hard day. I would love to hear how you get “me time”.


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  1. Ashley

    I love this! It is so true – me time can be found in so many different activities and even (especially) when our littles are there with us. Seriously, I think motherhood is my biggest tool of refinement to make me more like Christ and my biggest reminder of grace, so why couldn’t our littles be involved in our quiet time/our growth time?!? Thanks for linking up, friend!

  2. Lori Boutelle

    I love the way you find joy in the everyday & have “me time” through that! Getting up early & getting outside (even if it is to milk a goat!) sounds so refreshing. My kids love to dance to worship music, too & it’s just so joyful to watch them (& perhaps join in some/most of the time) :) Thank you for linking up – I love your perspective on this!!

  3. Emilie Lima Burke

    “For me “me time” is when I can be happy and enjoy the life God has given me to live.” Exactly what it should be! Good for you!

  4. Rebecca

    I love how you share about finding joy and me time in the midst of the day! The way that you described your laundry room and time there truly inspired me to think of ways throughout the day that I can take the “mundane” things and turn them into worshipful events. Thank you so much for sharing!!
    Blessings, Rebecca :)

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